Die World Federation of Science Journalists bietet ihren Mitgliedsorganisationen drei kostenfreie Webinare zum Thema Ebola.

The World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) is organising three free webinars on Ebola/Infectious diseases, two in English and one in French.
These 1-hour webinars are targeting specialized and non-specialized journalists. They seek to raise journalist’s awareness about the current situation and the longer-term outlook on EVD by offering the participants:

  • A rapid overview of the situation
  • A basic toolbox for health and science reporting
  • Ways to cover infectious diseases with context and accuracy

An update will be given on the latest evolutions and breakthroughs in treating the disease. As well as on what lessons can be learned from the Ebola outbreak and of covering the epidemic.
The webinar hosts are experienced science and health journalists who are familiar with the challenges of reporting on Ebola and other infectious diseases.

Weitere Informationen finden unsere Mitglieder auf den Internen Seiten.